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The prices of architectural planning vary a lot, depenging on the size and complexity of the project. Our planning and supervision tasks have varied from bathrooms to one-family houses and small apartment buildings.

We always try to estimate the time cost, and the price of the plan is based on the time used for the task. The sketching program Archicad which we currently use speeds up our work a lot. Its advantage is 3D modeling, the fast realization of the changes and the calculation of amounts, which is needed for example when calculating the costs of building or when obtaining material. 

More information about the prices of our different services below. You can also send and RFQ to us via our website: Fill in the quotation request form to get a bid on house planning and construction management services and services of a site foreman.


Planning services 

The cost of plans always depend on the extent of the project and the estimated amount of time needed. The quotations of the plans are always based on the individual needs of the orderers. That's why we take contact with the orderer after receiving and RFQ if the quotation still requires additional information. 

We offer principal plans, construction palns and structural plans to our customers. HVAC and electrical plans we make through our partners.

The fees of plans at Arkkitehtuuritoimisto Visio Oy are (for example): 

  • Principial design (one-family house ): 1500 e inc. VAT. 24 %
  • Draft plan (one-family house) 900 e inc. VAT. 24 %
  • Plans for a building permit (one-family house) 1900 e inc. VAT. 24 %
  • Structural plans (foundations of a one-family house) 1240 e inc. VAT. 24 %

The plan of an individually designed one-famiily house (principial design, sketch design and main drawings, applying for a building permit) usually costs between 6000 to 12 000 € including VAT 24 %. The costs of the planning depend on how challenging the site is, the amount of loors, zone provisions etc.

Services of a site manager

The fees of a site foreman depend on the requirements of the task/site and the time needed for the task. The fees are also affected by the way of building and the building schedule, the needs of the buyer as well as the requirements regarding the tasks of a site foremand set by the municipality. 

We always treat the tenders and contracts for the services of a site foreman individually, but our most common way of offering site management services is the total fee divided by the time in months. In this case we charge for the services once a month. 

The base fee of site management includes tasks prescribed by law, to which belong making a quality control plan participating in the kickoff meeting, taking care of inspections done by authorities and participating in them, inspection of spots to be covered in a later stage and filling in a quality control record sheet, among other things. In addition to the tasks mentioned above, the progression of the construction is documented with photos. 

The inspection of an ordinary one-family house done by a site foreman usually takes 80 to 150 hours. In some municipalities, it is required that at least 120 hours for one one-family house are recorded in a quality control record sheet. 

Examples of the fees of a site foreman at Akkitehtuuritoimisto Visio Oy:

  • 7000–9000 € inc. VAT. 24 % one-family house built on the spot (building time 10 months)
  • 3000–5000 € inc. VAT. 24 % prefab, one-family house (building time 3–4 months)
  • 2000–3000 € inc.VAT.24 % garage or warehouse (building time 2–3 months)
  • 1500–3000 € inc. VAT.24 % changes and renovation, for example building of a bathroom (building time 1-2 months) 

The fees depend on the location of the site, building schedule, way of building, special aspects and the difficulty of the site (affects the time needed for the project), the municipality and wishes of the buyer. 

Please note that when ordering services from a site foreman, complying with the regulations is the main task of the site foreman when taking care of a project and the developer and/or the main contractor of the project are responsible for the coordination of the work, unless extended tasks are mentioned in the quotation.


Real estate development 

The services of real eastet development include project management, supervision and obtaining of material. 

The building costs depend on the size of the project and the needs of the customer. In real estate development, which inclueds project management and supervision serviced and obtaining of material, the contracts are always made case by case.


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